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Rotary District 7370 - 2006 GSE Team

Week 2 - Lappeenranta

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Following the conference we were driven to our next destination, the city of Lappeenranta,  just a short distance from the Russian border.
We got a quick sight seeing tour of the city the day after we arrived. Our tour  included a visit to a man made channel running into Russia that is made up of 8 locks to accomodate the changes in elevation along the channel.  These pictures show the icy lock that sunny morning.




Little did we know that Tracy will not hesitate to try on a any kind of hat, coat or other thing she might find along the way!


During our visit to the Lappeenranta University,  we got a chance to experience their Visualization Lab.  Here you don a set of 3-D glasses and attempt to navigate simulate cranes, weather, and racing cars.
Christine is shown here making leaning into a turn on the Finnish motorway.




This area is the center of the paper industry here in Finland.  We have had tours of paper mills and seen the tons of raw timber being moved all over the landscape.  This is a picture of one of the UPM Kaukas paper machines in Lappeenranta.


With Tracy's experience in the chemical and pulp industry, they quickly drafted her to finish the afternoon shift in the control room.


Limestone Quary

One of the industrial plants we visited,  Paroc,  is located adjacent to a very large limestone quary. We were able to go to the edge and take a few pictures. 

Shopping in the downtown, time for a quick pose with an endangered seal.


Although this picture was from week one, at the conference,  we thought Erica's friends might enjoy this new fashion statement.

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