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Rotary District 7370 - 2006 GSE Team

Finland Itinerary

Meet the Team
Planning Photos
First Presentation
Week 1 -Kuopio
Conference Photos
Week 2 - Lappeenranta
Helsinki Photos
Week 2 (cont.) -Imatra
Week 3 -Kitee
Week 4 - Joensuu
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This is the full itenerary of our four week adventure to Finland. 
Program Overview:

Tuesday April  18  Kuopio Arrival -  to hotel first night
Wednesday April 19-21 Kuopio host families
Friday April 21 Travel to Mikkeli to attend Rotary District Conference
Sunday April 23 Travel to Lappeenranta
Friday April 28  Travel to Imatra
Wednesday May 3  Travel to Kitee
Sunday May 7  Travel to Joensuu
Saturday May 13  return flight from Kuopio
Detailed Program:

Flight Arrangement Summary

Departure Flight Info:
Leave : April 17  - 7:15pm Philadelphia  - to Paris -  to Helsinki - to Kuopio
Arrive : April 18 - 6:15pm  Kuopio
Return Flight Info:
Leave : May 13 - Kuopio - to Helsink - to Paris - to Philadelphia
Arrive:  May 13 - Philadelphia  3:35pm


Tuesday 18.4.06

7:15 PM GSE Team Tour starts in PA

Air France flight via Paris - Helsinki - Kuopio

18:15 Arrive at Kuopio Airport in Finland

Check-in at Hotel Jahti in Kuopio and relaxation

Wednesday 19.4.06

10:00 Sightseeing tour and visit at University of Kuopio

17:00 Dinner in Puijo tower restaurant with host families

Following dinner the team members leave with hosts

Thursday 20.4.06

10:00 Market place tour and the town of Kuopio info & lunch

18:00 Welcome to Finland Party at Kangasniemi home

Friday 21.4.06

07:30 Early morning Huomen Rotary Club meeting in Hotel Scandic and

Unofficial presentation

11:00 Transportation to D1430 District Conference to Mikkeli via Leppävirta

Ski Tunnel & Spa

17:00 Check-in at Hotel Cumulus

18:00 International get-together party

Saturday 22.4.06

09:00 District Conference - program

14:00 The official GSE presentation

19:00 Governor’s Ball

Sunday 23.4.06

09:00 District Conference - program

14:00 Transportation to Lappeenranta – picked up by host families

Monday 24.4.06   Vocational Day

10:00 Lappeenranta sightseeing tour

11:00 Vocational day

Robert Lombard & Tracy Johnson - UPM- Kymmene Oyj, Kaukas

Erica Herb & Jacqueline Titus  -  South Karelia Polytechnic

Christine Verdier The town of Lappeenrannan

17:00 Visit at Lappeenranta Town hall

Tuesday 25.4.06

9:40 Team gathers at Matka-Miettinen and visit at University of Technology

Lunch at University

13:00 Tour Technopolis Kareltek Oy

15:00 Team will picked up by hosts at Matka-Miettinen

Evening and dinner with host families

 Wednesday 26.4.06

10:00 Team gathers in downtown and have free time to shopping

16:30 Lauritsala Rotary Club meeting and team presentation

Transportation by host families

Thursday 27.4.06

9:40 Team gathers at Matka-Miettinen and visit at Technology Center of UPM- Kymmene Oyj & lunch

14:00 Team will picked up by hosts at Matka-Miettinen

Evening and dinner with host families

Friday 28.4.06

9:00 Team gathers at Matka-Miettinen and be transported to Imatra

9:45 Team arrive and tour StoraEnso paper and board mills in Imatra

12:00 Lunch at the company restaurant

13:00 Visit the frontier museum of Pelkola and the frontier between Finland and Russia

16:00 Team will picked up by hosts

Evening and dinner with host families

 Saturday 29.4.06

Free time of rest and relaxation hosted by families, chance for shopping etc.

Trip to Helsinki arranged.

 Sunday 30.4.06

Hosted by Antti Kanerva, Erkki Nieminen and Rotary Club Parikkala-Simpelejärvi

8:30 Leaving from the host families

9:00 “Art Exibition”

9:45 Bird observation at the Nature reserve of Siikalahti

11:45 Local Health care center of Parikkala

12:00 Lunch at restaurant Kägönen

14:00 Tour Salpalinna. The Finnish defense line of the world war II

14:30 Adult Education Collage of Sääminki

15:15 Adult Rehabilitation Center of Punkaharju

16:00 Back to Imatra and 1st of May –parties with host families

 Monday 1.5.06

The first day of May National holiday hosted by the family.

Tuesday 2.5.06     Vocational Day

Robert W. Lombard ( Nuclear Engineer) and Tracy Johnson (Manufacturing

Engineer/ Environmental Engineer/ Manager): Large industrial information systems, software development, global supply chain management, continuous improvement etc. Hosts: Lasse Vihavainen, Paavo Kaartinen, Kari Smolander.

Christine Verdier ( Legislative Assistent to State Representative): Local and state politics, police, judicial system, other authorities etc. Host: Yrjö Lankinen.

Erica Herb (Registered Nurse) and Jacquie Titus (Pediatric Occupational Therapist): Local hospital, healthcare and compensation system of Finland, rehabilitation, children with development problems etc. Hosts: Antti Itkonen, Pekka Voutilainen, Sirpa Koistinen (Imatra town hall).

Wednesday 3.5.06

9:30 Team gathers at Imatra railway station

9:45 Train to Kitee

11:12 Arriving at Kitee

Thursday 4.5.06

Rest and relaxation hosted by families, time for shopping etc..

13:00 Reception and coffee in Kiteenhovi Restaurant.

18:30 Intercity-meeting (all three clubs of Joensuu and Outokumpu RC and host families of Kitee RC) in Border Quard Detachment of Värtsilä near the border of Russia.

Program in BQD: How the drag dogs are acting in their normal work.

Three Rotary Clubs of Joensuu and Outokumpu RC have been bought two puppies. The dogs are now adult and working as drug dogs.

Coffee/tea. Hosting major Jari Sirola.

Friday 5.5.06

9:00 Occupational matters in different places in Kitee

11:00 Lunch, entertaining Kitee City

Demonstration of City Kitee

Karelian history and culture

Supper in host families

 Saturday 6.5.06

The whole day: Landscapes, nature and sightseeing of Kitee and near by.

Sunday 7.5.06

11:00 Transportation to Joensuu

12:00 The group will arrive to Joensuu

Picked up by host families

Program of the day and eating in the host families

Monday 8.5.06

9:00 Mr. Pertti Halonen, president of Joensuu-Pielisjoki RC will arrange visit to Eliisa Incorporated company, hosting general manager Ari Punkkinen.

11:00 Lunch in Eliisa.

12:00 Club meeting of Joensuu-Pielisjoki RC.

GSE-group performance.

14:00 Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Unit.

Hosting director, Dr. For. Jari Parviainen and Senior Researcher, AG Kauko Salo

Coffee/tea and karelian pies

Lectures: Finnish forests and forest research in Finland.

Demonstration of wooden Metla house.

Tuesday 9.5.06

Lieksa Rotary Club host day.

Club brothers Arto Turpeinen and Niilo Tirkkonen will follow with the GSE-group all day

8:30 Departure from Joensuu

9:45 Arriving to Koli National Park

10:00 Meeting at Nature Centrum Ukko and watching moving pictures of Koli National Park.

The top of Ukko Koli, the highest point in southern Finland and national Panoramas.

Some presentations in Koli National Park by assistant governor Kauko Salo.

11:30 Lunch in Koli Hotel.

12:30 Departure to Ruunaa Rapids.

14:30 Coffee/tea break and presentation: History of log floating in these forest areas.

15:30 Lower of Ruunaa Rapids, if good nature conditions.

17:30 Dinner in Lieksa and Lieksa Rotary Club meeting.

GSE-group performance.

19:00 Departure to Joensuu, where at 20.30 o’clock

 Wednesday 10.5.06     Vocational Day 

Jackie and Erica

Secretary of Joensuu Eteläinen RC, headmaster Vesa Martikkala and EasternFinland Sports Institute (ISLO) as a host. The chauffeur of ISLO will do all transitsduring the day

9:00 Arrival to ISLO, tea or coffee, presentation of ISLO, Vesa and Petri Joensalo

10:00 Sport and recreation in Joensuu. Mr. Pekka Könni, director of Sport and Recreatio of Joensuu City

10:30 North Karelia Project and health promotion in North Karelia, Vesa Korpelainen, director, North Karelia Project

11:30 Health Care in Finland, Tiina Halonen, Lecturer of Nursing, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences

12:15 Lunch, ISLO

13:00 Joensuu Areena Sports Hall, Esa Moisio, director of Joensuu Areena

14:00 Joensuu Kuntohovi (rehabilitation center), Jorma Karttunen, doctor in chief

16:00 Transportation to home (ISLO)

Bob and Tracy

All day hosting Perlos Corporation. President of Joensuu Eteläinen RC Olavi Miettinen.

8:30 Coffee/tea. Perlos Corporation, Lehmonharju Plant presentation, Quality Manager Esa Takala

9:00 Factory Tour

9:45 Global Supply Chain Management

11:15 Lunch

12.00 Environmental issues

13.00 Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement

Host at Kontiolahti Plant

14:30 Coffee/tea and Perlos Healthcare.

Kontiolahti Plant presentation.

15:00 Healthcare issues, validation process, other issues


9:00 University of Joensuu, hosting vice president of Joensuu RC, Emeritus director of administration of Joensuu University. Finnish political, administrative and legal organisation.

11:00 Lunch

12:00 Organisation of City Joensuu: Decision-making process, administrative organisation and industry and commerce.


18:00 Joensuu City reception, Theatre Restaurant, Pekka Könni and some club members

Thursday 11.5.06

10:00 Visiting John Deere factory. Hosting director Martti Tolvanen

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Free time

16:45 Joensuu RC-meeting

Lecture: Basic Health Service in Joensuu. Lecture partly in English.

Physician Pertti Kuikka

GSE-group performance

18.00 meeting is breaking up

Friday 12.5.06

10:30 Physiotheraphy and rehabilitation in Central hospital of North Karelia.

Vesa Martikkala and the hole group.

11:45 Joensuu Eteläinen RC-meeting.

Lecture: Basketball and Joensuu Sport Academi.

Lecture partly in English. Head coach of Kataja Baskeball Team, master Timo Heinonen.

GSE-group performance

14:00 Meeting is breaking up

Free time

Saturday 13.5.06

03.00 Departure from Joensuu. Transportation by car(s) to Kuopio Airport.

The distance between Joensuu and Kuopio is 140 km.

Some club members accompany the GSE-group to Kuopio.

06:10 Flight departure Kuopio

Home flight via Helsinki –Paris – Philadelphia

Rotary District 7370 GSE Team - Contact Bob Lombard - Team Leader with comments.