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Rotary District 7370 - 2006 GSE Team

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Week 1 -Kuopio
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Week 2 - Lappeenranta
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Week 2 (cont.) -Imatra
Week 3 -Kitee
Week 4 - Joensuu
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Sends GSE Team To

Home for Mother's Day!
After 4 weeks of running around the Finnish countryside,  the team has made it home to Pennsylvania in time for Mother's Day.  The final week in Joensuu was wonderful and we will have many memories and stories to share over the next few months. 
The trip home took many hours, but went on schedule and all our bags arrived with us in Philadelphia.  We were greeted at the airport by GSE district co-chairs,  Walt Lutz and Tom Kowalchick, who drove us back to our pick-up point in the district.  We shared many stories about our adventure on drive home.

See Week 4 photos of Joensuu.


Sauna Photo!
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For Angela F. - part 1

For Angela F. Part 2

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Summary of the program and participants:
Rotary District 7370 of Pennsylvania USA  is sending their Group Study Exchange to Finland this year to exchange with District 1430.  The Finnish Team visited Pennsylvania in 2005, the Centennial Year of Rotary International,  and now it is time for the US team to complete their part of the exchange.
The District 7370 Team Leader, Bob Lombard,  is a 20 year veteran of Rotary from the Berwick Rotary Club, Berwick PA.  He is traveling with four young professionals from his region:

Tracy Johnson -  an environmental / civil engineer -  Danville  PA
Jacquie Titus   -  an occupational therapist     - Danville PA
Erica Herb   - an intensive care unit nurse  -  Hegins Valley  PA
Christine Verdier  - an aide to a state representative -  MaryD PA
The team will be hosted in Finland by Rotary District 1430 from April 18th to May 13th.

Rotary District 7370 GSE Team - Contact Bob Lombard - Team Leader with comments.